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If hiring temporary fencing doesnt suit your business or project you might want to consider buying temporary fencing.  Centurion Temporay Fencing sells a range of temporary fencing products nationally through a network of distribution centres in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

In recognition of the growing number of business's who would rather purchase temporary fencing we have spent the last two years testing and trialing various temporary fencing panels and feet. The purpose of this testing has been to ensure that the products we bring to market have the right combination of quality and value for money.

As a result we now have a range of temporary fencing panels, feet and accessories avaialable to purchase.  You will find detailed information below on our standard products but if you have any specific requirements please contact us as we have a network of suppliers and are sure to have a solotuion that suits your demands.

Temporary Fencing Panels

The temporary fencing panels we supply are designed to withstand the test of time and the harsh conditions experienced on every building site.  The quality is such that we now use the same specification panel in our hire business.  The panels we sell comply with the relevant Australian Standards and incorporate the following features:

  • Anti –climb mesh infill
  • 360⁰ weld between the vertical & horizontal pipe
  • Above average thickness of galvanising
  • Crimped ends on horizontal bars for extra strength
    (See photo of temporary fencing clamp below)


Panel Size-          2100mm (H) x 2400mm (L)                                               

Frame-                Vertical pipe 32mm O.D. (2mm wall thickness)
Horizontal pipe 32mm O.D. (2mm wall thickness)
Mesh Infill-         4mm horizontal wire
4mm vertical wire
150mm x 60mm spacing’s
Finish-                 All pipe and wire hot dipped galvanised (HDG)-42 microns.

Temporary Fencing Feet

There is little point having a panel that will last ten years if your feet only last one or two.  We have researched all the different temporary fencing feet on the market and reached the conclusion that these fully encased plastic feet are the best currently available on the market.  Instead of using a plastic mould that has no actual bottom these feet are blow moulded. The concrete infill is poured in through a small hole in the end of the foot meaning it is surrounded entirely by the plastic case.  The concrete won’t fall out of these bases like it can with cheaper alternatives.

One Part Base

  • Blow moulded fence foot weighing approx 30kg
  • Dimensions- 600mm x 228mm x 150mm.
  • UV and Anti Aging added to the plastic
  • Available in a range of colours (highly visible safety orange as standard
  • Personalised name/logo plate available upon request.



Two Part Base
  • Blow moulded fence foot, each part weighing approx 16kg
    UV and Anti Aging added to the plastic
  • Available in a range of colours (highly visible safety orange
    as standard
  • Personalised name/logo plate available upon request

Temporary Pool Fencing

Temporary Pool Fencing is a great addition to any business involved in swimming pool construction or fencing. The system we sell has been designed to last for many years.  We use it in our hire business so we know it stands the test of time.  Is is very quick and easy to install but more importantly it will give you and your customers peace of mind until the pool is fully fenced and compliant.  Please call or email for further details.


Crowd Control Barriers

Perfect for any situation where crowd control or segregation is required.  The crowd control barriers we sell have a flat plate foot to eliminate the trip hazard associated with many CCB's you will find on the market.  The foot is also detachable ta assist with transport and storage. Fully Hot Dipped Glavanised, they will last for years and are sure to be a great addition to any company with regular requirement for crowd control.

Temporary Fencing Stays

Designed to add extra stability to the fence these temporary fence stays are for use in areas where high winds are likely or when something has been added to the fence system that will increase wind resistance.  Each stay should be supported with three  bases and clamped to the temporary fencing using at least 2 temporary fencing clamps.

Temporary Fencing Clamps

A good quality temporary fencing clamp that will hold the pipe in place, even under extreme pressure.  These clamps are hot dipped galvanised to comply with Australian Standards. Beware of cheap imitations that will not hold the pipe securely.

Scaffold Net, Shade Cloth and Weed Mat

If you are looking for something to improve the aesthetics of your temporary fencing or provide some dust control then scaffold net is the cheapest option.  It is available in blue or black. For something that offers a bit more of a visual barrier as well as improving the aesthetics and controlling dust shade cloth is a good option.  It is available in various colours including blue, black, green and beige, and also in various qualities including 50%, 70% and 90%.  If you are looking for 100% visual blackout, weed mat is the best solution.  We carry large quantities of all of these options in stock, please call or email for a quote.

Printed Shade Cloth

Why waste a good opportunity to advertise your company, event or project.  We supply printed shade cloth and it looks great.  We can print on various colours of 70% shade cloth to provide a really professional looking finish that will set you apart from the rest.  (The minimum quantity is 50 metres)

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